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Origin & Cause: Fire & Explosion Investigations

At Valentine & Associates, Origin & Cause Investigations are the staple of our company and the pathway to long standing friendships with our clients. Our knowledgeable investigators remain with each case until its conclusion, ensuring that all scene examination procedures: photographic documentation, witness interviews, evidence removal, investigative reports, and expert witness testimony, are overseen by the assigned investigator.

Arson & Fraud Investigations

Arson and Fraud matters are executed with strict adherence to detail and protocol as with ALL investigations at Valentine & Associates, giving integrity to our more than 30 years of service to the fire industry.

Forensic Vehicle & Marine Investigations

Origin and Cause Investigations do not only pertain to structures at Valentine & Associates. We specialize in Vehicle Origin & Cause as well as Accident Reconstruction. Additionally, our trained and certified investigators are able to conduct Forensic Vehicle Theft Investigations. Whether you have an automobile, motorcycle, farm equipment, public transportation, or marine vessel, our experts are ready to assist you.

Forensic Sciences Investigations

Product Liability, Electrical Failures, Lightning Evaluations, Boilers – Furnace, and Industrial Machinery are just some of the facets of Forensic Sciences that deserve the best in investigative techniques, which is exactly what our expert engineers provide our clients. You can expect consistently superior service from the Valentine & Associates experts assigned to your case.

Evidence Recovery and Storage

In order to fully support our clients’ needs throughout the investigation, Valentine & Associates has the ability to document, remove, secure, and maintain all types of evidence within our 16,000 sq ft warehouse. Our Certified Evidence Technicians handle your retrieval from start to finish; upon its arrival at our warehouse, each item recovered is individually entered into our Evidence Database, eliminating the possibility of component loss or cross contamination.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our Experts at Valentine & Associates have an array of experience testifying as an expert for civil or criminal matters whether in depositions, state courts or federal courts.



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